The Tint Pros – Family owned and operated since 1979.  Owners involved in every project. TTP only offers the highest quality window film and best installation available.  We are bonded and insured and have a 3,000 sq ft and a 1,200 sq ft facility in Huntington Beach, CA. Showroom available 9-5 Mon-Sat for customers to visit and ask any questions they may have. TTP offers window film installation on homes, building, automobiles, yachts, etc.

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Automotive Tinting

  • Ferrari Italia 012Exclusive use of the highest quality automotive window film, Formula One
  • Safe on all vehicles and their electronics
  • Industry’s best installation with computer cut patterns so there’s no cutting on glass, no gaps anywhere, and cars have our utmost care
  • 99.9% UV rejection
  • Nationwide Transferable Lifetime Warranty
  • Yes… we tint Luxury Automobiles: Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, Rolls Royce, Audi, and everything else!


  • IMG00009-20090730-1418Protection from the harmful sun (fading, heat, glare) without the look of “tint”
  • Exclusive use of the highest quality residential window film, Vista
  • Non-Reflective and nearly clear ceramic films with 99.9% UV rejection and unmatched heat rejection
  • Hundreds of film choices to meet every need
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Film manufacturer backs your existing glass warranty
  • Patented CDF adhesive that has never bubbled or peeled since 1977
  • No dyes in product so there is no chance of fading or changing color


  • 238Hundreds of films to choose from to meet every need
  • Improve tenant or employee comfort by blocking heat, glare, and UV
  • Reduce energy costs and get rebates from energy company (block up to 84% of the heat)
  • Beautify building with consistent appearance
  • Custom frost and designer films to create privacy, dress up an office, or deign film with your logo
  • Safety, security, and anti-graffiti films to protect glass and people from glass damage or breakage
  • Industry’s best warranties

Films Offered

  • Solar Control Films – energy savings, heat rejection, UV protection, glare reduction
  • Security Films – anti-graffiti, security, bomb blast mitigation, smash and grab
  • Specialty Films – frosted, etched glass look, custom logos, decorative
  • Opaque Films – black out, white out, colored vinyls